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Fall and Halloween are here! Stay updated with the latest trends!

The spookiest holiday of the year is upon us. While you’re searching for the perfect costume and thinking of which sweet treats to serve at the big bash, how about trick or treating yourself to some scary, yet pretty Halloween nail art to really get in the spirit?


Halloween is not only for trick-or-treat, but also for creative nail art. We've got some nail ideas that are sure to get a surprised reaction. Save your favorite nail picture and visit us right away!


Acrylic nails are popular not only because of the look but also because of the nail's hardness during chemical reactions. They are strong and resilient nails that allow you to perform everyday activities without fear of chipping or breaking. However, acrylic nails, no matter how solid, are easier to remove than gel nails.

Acrylics are the fastest way to get the long nails you’ve always dreamed about. They’re also a simple way to change the shape of your nails, and they don’t require lamp curing like gels.

Dipping powder system is a revolutionary nail system with the benefits and strength of acrylic and lightweight feel of gel polish! It is common knowledge that dipping powder nails last longer than other types of nails.

Now that Autumn is here, it's time to get rid of the summery shades on your fingernails, and paint on one of these Fall nail designs. Whatever your dream Fall nail design is, we'll help you with that! Walk-ins welcome <3

Autumn is always filled with endless art ideas. It's a good idea to let your fingernails become your accessories in this romantic season!


Nail salon 95630 - Nail Palazzo in Palladio Shopping Center Folsom : Fall and Halloween are here. Come on in and let your nailstyle stay updated with the latest trends!

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